Helping hand

New year

Leave behind your sorrows,
open your windows to
In this new year,
unleash a new life;
a little saner,
and of course an
adventurous one.
Wish you a very



Sands of time

why time is so cruel sometimes?
it takes away our loved ones behind.
thinking about those happy days,
regrets & disappointments
surround the way.
We cry, to get rid of the pain,
but it gets deeper and deeper,
all in vain.

I must say,
time is a great teacher,
it teaches, how to live with the pain,
to wait patiently to see them again,
may be in some other world,
in some other life,
to set new footprints on the
sands of time.


“Happiness begins, the moment you realise your worth” ©witch_of_words. . . Happiness the most spectacular feeling, feeling of being alive, feeling of being loved, feeling of being praised, in other words happiness starts a chain reaction & it all starts when you realise your value;your worth. When you’re happy you’re capable of spreading love, kindness and all other valuable things in the world. . . Know your worth, be happy, spread happiness ❤️❤️